About Us

Established in 2013, Quadrupeds, LLC is a fully insured and licensed pet care company, conveniently located in the heart of Cambridge, MA. Services include daily dog walks, off-leash doggie play groups, the puppy program, and in-home pet sitting.




How can I contact Quadrupeds?

Shoot us an email at info@quadrupedsllc.com to set up a walk consultation.

Will you still walk my dog during a snowstorm or in the pouring rain?

Of course! We work in all weather conditions. In the cases of extreme heat or cold, we take all precautions to make sure your pet has a safe and enjoyable time while under our care.

Will you dry off my dog so he does not track mudd, water, etc. through the house?

We are happy to towel dry your doggie after any inclement weather. We simply ask that you leave a clean towel by the leash on rainy or snowy days, and we will wipe down paws and dirty underbellies as best we can.

Do you walk dogs in a large pack?

Never. Our private walks are just that, private. And our group walks are with no more than 3 dogs to each Canine Caregiver.

What if my dog gets in a fight at play group?

Our playgroups are well-supervised (no more than 3-dogs to each canine caregiver) but because they are held at a public dog park, incidents can occur. All staff members are trained to deal with such incidents, and are certified in canine first aid and CPR. That said, if your dog is involved in a skirmish, we will contact you immediately, and follow our emergency procedure plan, as laid out in your new client contract.

Where are your off-leash play groups held?

Our playgroups are held at the fenced in dog park on Tudor Street in Cambridgeport, or alternatively the dog run at Danehy Park, in North Cambridge.

For overnight pet sitting services, will you update me as to how my pet is doing while I'm away?

Our overnight pet sitting includes a daily report for owners. We are happy to email, text, or simply leave a note for you to read when you return home.

How will I be notified once my dog has been walked?

Our multimedia Walk Reports are one of our client's favorite features. You choose whether you want to be notified via text message, email, or through a hand-written note. Unless you opt out, you will be sent a walk report at the conclusion of every visit. Our reports let you know where your dog walked, what other dogs he/she walked with, as well as the particulars of any "business" done on the walk. We also frequently include photos of your dog's outing.

My dog doesn't get along with other dogs and/or has displayed aggressive behavior in the past; will you still accept him as a client?

We meet with each pet and owner prior to any service. This serves several purposes, one of which is for our Canine Caregivers to evaluate your dog's disposition and assess whether taking part in either semi-private walks or playgroups would pose a risk. In the event that your dog is not approved for playgroups or semi-private walks, we can schedule private walks, and/or one-on-one basic obedience training. Frequently, such dogs can progress to be allowed to partake in group walks or playgroups.

What payment types do you accept?

Invoices are sent to your email via Square. We accept credit cards, cash, and check.

Official Memberships

Services and Rates

Individual Walks

Solo walks for your little diva

20 minutes $20
40 minutes $24
60 minutes $28
20 minutes x 2 $36

Group Walks

Walks of up to 3 doggie friends

30 minutes $18
45 minutes $22
60 minutes $26
90 minutes $30
30 minutes x 2 $34

Puppy Program

Puppies need to run and stretch on a more frequent basis in their early development

1 Visit $16
2 Visits $28
3 Visits $36


Chaperoned party time at the playpark.

1 hour $24
2 hours $32

In-Home Pet Sitting

Snuggles, hugs, and care while you're away

Overnight $65
Half-Day $45